Indirect Purchasing


Ayming is a global cost optimization consulting firm that, among other services, specializes in helping our clients reduce their indirect expenses. Capital magazine recently named us the #1 Cost Optimization consulting firm that clients are most likely to recommend.

At Ayming, we believe any funds gained on overhead are funds that can be reinvested into more strategic initiatives. Thus, reviewing your entire general ledger and optimizing indirect purchases in the following areas becomes a real lever of profitability for your organization:

  • telecom
  • IT
  • insurance
  • energy
  • car fleet
  • facility management
  • waste management
  • marketing & communications

Ayming's Approach to Indirect Cost Optimization

We accompany our clients across all areas of indirect purchasing cost optimization, providing expertise that enhance purchasing performance with minimizing the impact on your internal teams.

Our full general ledger approach aims to streamline usage patterns and costs throughout the entire process, providing thorough analysis and deployment strategies that reach beyond renegotiation of contracts with suppliers.

Our Methodology

Ayming's areas of expertise with regards to indirect purchasing cost optimization include:

  • study of consumption profiles
  • reconstitution of full costs
  • optimization of processes and management costs
  • review of past invoices
  • optimization of tax costs
  • technical and financial negotiations

Our Added Value

Our multi-sector indirect purchasing cost optimization experts have in-depth knowledge of specific markets and offers in addition to their operations management expertise. Independent from all suppliers, our goal is not to intervene in your core business, but to be a project accelerator in leveraging relationships, helping you better understand and formulate your needs in addition to improving your negotiating power with suppliers. Our general ledger approach and subject matter knowledge allow us to reduce overall spend across your entire organization, not just in one area, resulting in increased revenue and a better bottom line.