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My Professional Journey

My Professional Journey

5 key steps in Ayming's Journey

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My Professional Journey

By joining Ayming, you will be given the opportunity to explore multiple avenues within your professional career path. Thanks to the dynamic learning and development team within the company, we make international experience available for our employees. To strengthen career development we have created a career path that meets your individual goals and aspirations!

You will be given the opportunity to regularly meet with your line manager who will, in turn, listen to, encourage and challenged you to push you beyond your limits whilst growing your inner potential. Each professional path is unique—that’s why we have devised key steps so that everyone can build their own journey. If you wish, you can move, change jobs, change countries… and choose your professional life. @Ayming, your are the #bossofyourcareer.

Continuous Feedback

At the end of each assignment or project, a review is carried out between managers and employees. Because the continuous improvement of our practices is essential, we have set up a feedback culture that allows us to identify the successes and improvement potentials of each employee on the spot.The idea is to then co-construct a progress plan to guarantee the success of the professional path’s next steps. In addition to these regular exchanges, each ‘aymer’ is followed up in a professional interview to formalize his or her wishes in terms of training, development or vocational retraining.
Ayming’s emphasis on excellence and teamwork in order to achieve shared success was something that stood out for me as a huge positive. John Thorpe, Manager: Operations Performance
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People review

Every year, we carry out an internal review of all employees in order to build a plan for the future. The goal? To ensure optimal organization. We are convinced that the equation well-being at work versus performance equation requires being in one’s place, competent and driven by a sense of usefulness. This HR analysis is at the service of the most accurate talent management possible so that everyone contributes to the company’s performance thanks to their skills and talent. By detecting them, we can continuously reinvent our organization to make it more efficient for our customers.


Do you feel strongly about a particular professional dream or development? With at least 2 years of continuous service/ seniority and with the support of your manager, you can take part in the ‘boss of my work life’ program! Because we believe in you, we want to listen to your desires and support your next professional steps. Get started! Describe your dream to the Regional Career Committee. You may be selected to support your project in front of the Group Career Committee where a personalized itinerary will be designed to help you achieve your goal. You suggest, we support.

Area-specific Career Committee

This key step is part of our flagship program ‘Boss of my career’: each collaborator who has a project in mind can invent his or her next professional step. At Ayming, if you want to push boundaries, it’s very simple: all you have to do is talk to your manager, your HR manager and prepare yourself to explain your motivations and your wishes for change. After studying your project—and its relevance—you present it to the Regional Career Committee. Anything is possible.


Group Career Committee

This is the final step of the “Boss of my career” program. As a continuation of the Regional Career Committee, each selected project must be approved by the Group Career Committee. What kind of request? International mobility or an innovation project impacting different businesses. In front of the EXCOM members, you defend your dream! We listen to it and, if possible, we make it come true.

They’ve done it!

mobility @Ayming
Each time I've changed roles, I had great support from my managers who were always ready to help me out and give me valuable guidance
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