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Welcome on Board

Welcome on Board

Inclusive employee experience at all levels

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Joining  Ayming provides all new employees with a safety net. We are an inclusive group that welcomes you for who you are providing you with an environment that enables you to give your very best. Each “aymer” is part of our family forming an essential part of our business and ultimately the Company performance. This is something we strive to make you aware of and, above all, to make you experience from day one.

Inclusive management

From the integration of new employees to their individual career paths, we offer all our employees the same opportunities. Our commitment to our employees is to: respect their individualities providing an enabling and encouraging environment that fosters a positive and dynamic place to work.encouraging a true team spirit. This is our vision of a successful and fulfilling collaborative experience. #realtalk by Ayming

Inclusive management

To welcome everyone as they are, our culture is truly inclusive. We seek to implement a strong, concrete and tangible actions daily:

  • When mothers return from their maternity leave, we pay attention to these transitional moments by holding return to work discussions, implementing plans to support our mothers back into work. Providing where necessary flexible working. Our aim is to provide long term support.
  • For the fathers among us, we offer great flexibility when it comes to organizing paternity leave. We are committed to facilitating signed agreements within all our entities thanks to a parenting charter.
  • In the event of long-term sickness, we ensure a return work after a leave is conducted. Depending on individuals circumstances we offer amended hours to assist our employees back into work allowing them to manage their workload effectively and time back into work.
  • For our employees who are close to the retirement phase of their lives, we aim to support our employees by assisting them to enter the new chapter of their lives: retirement. We organize information sessions and part-time opportunities.
  • Acting on the world is also about contribution: we give our “aymers” free time so that they can socially invest themselves with non-profits or start-ups.
  • In addition, we sponsor charity events: Imagine for Margaux, Run Against Cancer, la Parisienne, Brussels R



Gender diversity: our I WILL program!

Above all, we recruit motivated individual who are open to the world. Our culture is based on and nourished by great diversity. Presently in 15 countries, our team is comprised of multicultural talented employees. All our employees are given the opportunity to express their potential in an environment that respects individual and cultural difference. Our “I will” (International Women In Leadership Lab) program is dedicated to encouraging female leadership is one example: for volunteers, we seek  to engage them in a professional and personal development programme. They join an unprecedented leadership adventure and benefit from the support of an in-house network and skills They participate in ”lunches” with inspiring female figures and are accompanied by mentors—our key people—to prepare their evolution into strategic roles within our organization. Make it different, that’s our way of winning.


On Boarding process

Onboarding process

The D Day Arriving at Ayming means the world to us. We seek to make every employee feel welcomed and valued. Onboarding will be delivered with the utmost care and patience.  You will be assigned a buddy who will introduce you to the team and new working environment. Your buddy’s role is essential in the integration process. Your buddy is there to listen to you and help you understand our culture step by step: They will be committed to supporting you in your new position. Our integration of new talents forms part of a more global support system that ensures a sustainable collaboration.