Innovation Management

Innovation has for many years been the focus of all business discussions, not least of all because it has many known benefits: diversification to obtain new growth drivers, increasing your competitive advantage, increasing the barriers to business, entry of competitors, reduction of costs and increase of profits.

Innovation is such a hot topic because it remains a very difficult process to initiate, encourage, control and protect. Today, the challenge is not only innovation itself, but also the transition to its management. Ayming's mission is to accompany you throughout your innovation process, improving both your innovation capacity and the mechanisms of your company to manage, orient and synchronize with the overall strategy of your business.

Since every innovation management issue is unique, it is impossible to list all the services that our experts can offer, but here are some examples:

  • Innovation strategy: intellectual property, technological foresight, competitive intelligence, diversification strategy, analysis of the innovation portfolio with respect to the company's strategy
  • Innovation process: collaborative project management, process improvement
  • Technological expertise: state of the art, technological watch, search for partners, search for technological solutions
  • Project management