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Giving more value to your human resources

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HR Management

Placed at the heart of organizations, HR departments must now take up a new challenge centered on 3 dimensions: building an attractive employer brand, developing employee engagement, ensuring the compliance and efficiency of HR practices and processes

Giving more value to your human resources

Our consultants, HR experts for more than 30 years, support human resources departments in meeting these challenges. Thanks to our expertise on the subject of absenteeism prevention, we place employee engagement at the heart of the system.

Our Mission

We are convinced that there can be no sustainable economic performance without a solid and committed collective. Human capital is a key factor in the performance of companies and we help you to develop it.

Our Plan

As a partner of the human resources and prevention departments, we support them in 4 key dimensions of their value creation for the company:

  • the efficiency of payroll processes & HRIS projects,
  • the commitment and occupational health of employees,
  • the HR impact of transformation projects,
  • HR management and forecasting thanks to data (HRIS, Payroll, KPI, IA).

How to build a short and medium-term HR strategy, taking into account all these key challenges for the company?

This is the equation that most human resources departments strive to solve, while paying particular attention to internal communication and the role of business partner they play in contributing to the creation of collective value.

Still sometimes perceived as a cost center, it is now up to HR managers to assess the ROI of the actions implemented, to monitor the key indicators within its scope and to cooperate even more effectively with business departments.

Our consultants rely on their technical know-how to nurture and provide a global vision of performance. As close as possible to our clients’ problems, one of our strengths lies in our ability to deploy tailor-made and co-constructed solutions that take into account the real context and level of maturity of the organization.

Digitalizing your HR Management

Precursor in digital HR solutions, we have been developing for more than 20 years digital solutions based on SaaS model to support HR et Risk and Health Prevention directions and help them organize their human ressources management.

Datadock Reference, we offer to our client a new training experience, based notably on several teaching innovations with a strong digital dimension. We place trainees at the heart of  the process, making them  active  participants of their training program.


 The secret to such a long relationship is of course explained by Ayming professional performance but also by the trust that has been built over the years between our teams. Our Business relationship is solid, transparent and efficient.

Irving Soulette, HR Manager – Air France


Million employees (private & public) covered by our HR software