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Indirect Purchasing

Making sense of your indirect spend through analysis and strategic planning.

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Indirect costs have a direct impact on your bottom line. 80% of companies focus mainly on their strategic spend, missing out on opportunities for significant savings on their indirect costs.

Indirect Purchasing

We believe any funds gained on overhead are funds that can be reinvested into more strategic initiatives. Thus reviewing your entire general ledger and optimizing indirect spend becomes a real lever of profitability for your business. Below are some categories which, when optimized, will help a company achieve significant savings:

Our goal is to help you manage and improve the efficiency of your indirect spend, through our expertise and strategic planning. We offer a collaborative approach working directly with your team in order to secure significant savings.

Industry Challenges

Procurement managers, controllers, category managers all face the same challenges in their position. Challenges, that are usually  linked to time management or a lack of resources within their department.

  • Services, technologies and prices are constantly changing; it is very difficult to keep up with changes without a dedicated resource.
  • Analyzing services that are not part of your core competency is taxing on your team; understanding each spend category is difficult and time consuming. Therefore, indirect costs may be easily overlooked while the focus is on the main business.
  • Comparing providers and services objectively isn’t easy; providers are frequently reinventing their services and changing terminology, making comparisons difficult.
  • Paying for services that are tailored to your needs is difficult when your services are not all mapped out.
  • The terms and conditions of contracts often favor the service provider; including automatic renewals, or additional costs for minor changes.

Our Methodology

The plan is simple , we align your services with your business’ needs by:

  • Deploying a team of specialists to manage the entire optimization process with your teams
  • Reviewing all available invoices, identify billing errors and recover your money
  • Analyzing your services and business needs to determine the right strategy for you
  • Managing provider negotiations and benchmark-based pricing negotiations so you can keep a strategic focus.
  • Confirming that the proper statements of work and contracts have been put in place
  • Delivering our service with no upfront cost and no risk

Why work with us?

When partnering with Ayming when engaging in new contracts or services, many of our clients have obtained significant results following our expert negotiations and plan revisions. Even companies who are already locked into long-term contracts were still able to obtain additional savings due to our in-depth knowledge of the landscape and our optimization expertise.

Million in purchasing savings secured per year.
Ayming was ranked #1 by Capital Magazine for Cost Optimization and Procurement.
No Risk
We work on a success fee basis, meaning we don't get paid unless you do.
1 Stop
We are one of the few firms that addresses a broad range of spend categories, making us your global one stop partner.