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Procurement & Supply Chain

Finding new ways of adapting your purchasing organization and processes to your vision

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Procurement & Supply Chain

The maturity of the purchasing organizations has grown strongly for many years but remains uneven from one industry to another and, in any case, rarely adapted to the just need for value creation. Governance, profiles, structure, skills, tools, processes, communication ... Each of these pillars must be analyzed to determine the purchasing organization and its processes adapted to the company's strategy.

Industry Challenges

In a global and competitive economy, companies, especially industrial firms, are confronted with multiple contradictory injunctions that impact the supply chain:

  • Produce and deliver at a lower cost while reducing delivery times
  • Optimizing inventory and working capital requirements while guaranteeing optimal service levels
  • Fostering innovation among suppliers while negotiating total cost of ownership
  • Tuning volatile demand and rigid production tools
  • Reconciling local service with effective centralization

These dilemmas are fundamental issues that go beyond tactical operational concerns and require strategic reflection on the business model and supply chain. Answering these questions requires analytical skills, a sense of the field and knowledge of best practices.

Our Mission 

Our goal is to work with your teams to increase the performance of your organization by developing synergies between your procurement, and overall needs of your company.

To achieve such results and improve your procurement, we believe implementing a global SRM strategy will help you reduce purchasing costs, generate productivity gains, develop and structure your relationship with your suppliers, and improve your overall capacity for innovation and quality control.

Our Action Plan 

With our supply chain experts, we will work in collaboration with your team to solve supply chain dilemmas, helping you optimize sales while controlling your costs and cash flow.


We will help you create a quantitative and qualitative mapping of your industrial scheme. A supply chain project starts with a complete, qualitative and quantitative mapping of your current flows, processes, markets and industrial and logistical scheme. This diagnosis allows you to ask the right questions for your company’s business, understand the key success factors in your markets, and define the main guidelines. (info graphic with development plan)

Global sourcing and SRM

A global sourcing approach structured, equipped and supported by local relays is necessary to reduce risks and find the best opportunities. The long-term benefit of working with your partners, clarifying the boundaries of increased collaboration between your company and its suppliers, and improving the overall performance of the supply chain are all factors that will be considered in setting up a supplier relationship management model (info graphic with development plan)

Supply Chain 

We will define a strategy and a target for the industrial diagram and supply chain. Based on our benchmarks and knowledge of best practices, we define, with you, the strategy and the industrial scheme/supply chain of your company. measuring the impact of the new organization on your business plan. (infographic with development plan)

Ayming’s know-how and methodology make it possible to address the entire value chain (sourcing, supply chain, production, logistics, distribution) with this desire for pragmatism and realism that characterizes our interventions.

The target model should answer the basic questions of the company: make or buy; business model (make to stock, delayed differentiation); location of production sites and distribution centers.

Why Work  with us ?

We are  recognized for our support in the effective implementation of new strategies and for the realization of value creation around the world

With more than 20 years of procurement experience…

Which allows us to create benchmarks based on the most agile and efficient organizations, we make procurement a major lever in the performance of your business

A thorough knowledge of global and local markets…

We have  excellent knowledge of global and local markets. Our international presence and regional sourcing offices allow us to offer our clients close support to markets and suppliers, wherever they are located. Our SRM approach strengthens the lines of communication between your company and its suppliers, allowing you to optimize your costs and efficiency.

And hands on supply chain expertise…

With 30 years of international experience, our consultants combine operational experience, industry know-how, analytical skills and critical thinking. They are able to solve complex problems and make concrete recommendations, to maximize value creation, and to move from identifying the problem to solving it. We devise innovative strategies that increase the value generated by all their operations and deliver tangible and measurable results.

We are recognized for both our vision and our execution capabilities, and we work as a business partner for our clients in a wide range of industries across 14 countries.