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Ayming celebrates its 8th anniversary as a participant in the United Nations Global Compact and presents an ambitious roadmap for 2018

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Ayming celebrates its 8th anniversary as a participant in the United Nations Global Compact and presents an ambitious roadmap for 2018
June 21, 2018

Ayming supports its clients in the improvement and development of value-creating performance. When facing new environmental and social challenges, the process of value creation can only be achieved as part of a policy that supports social development and the environment; this approach not only reduces risk but also offers genuine opportunities.

That is why Ayming has decided to support the United Nations Global Compact since 2010. It brings together companies, organizations, UN agencies, labor groups and civil society around the 10 principles universally recognized, to build a more stable and inclusive society. A voluntary based initiative, international framework, platform of actions and exchanges, the UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative with more than 12.000 participants over 170 countries.

The roadmap presented by Ayming to the UN Global Compact for 2018 includes a series of concrete measures:


1. Increasing the number of women in leadership positions by training the working group IWILL (International Women in Leadership Lab) and participating in the International Women’s Forum in Toronto,

2. Filling positions from in-house employees and identifying and then supporting employees showing potential to pursue opportunities for promotion, either horizontal or vertical, with the creation of a HR Innovation Department,

3. Opening spaces in our regional locations to improve the quality of life of our remote workers,

4. Showing our commitment to human rights by complying with GDPR certification stipulations and updating out IT charter,

5. Digitizing our HR processes to allow our employees to focus on the job at hand,

6. Implementing a job placement program to give students an introduction to the working world,

7. Rolling out a VIE program to help employees develop international careers,

8. Increasing remote work by revising the collective bargaining agreement signed on 23 April 2015.


9. Create a pilot mobility plan in France to encourage a change in behavior to increase sustainable travel and to protect the environment,

10. Perform a carbon footprint assessment and energy audit to identify the necessary steps to reduce our energy consumption. ECONOMY

11. Create a warning system to prevent every kind of corruption risks in our company insofar as possible,

12. Continue communication campaigns to raise awareness on corruption amongst everyone involved in the company.

Hervé Amar, Ayming’s President, praises: « This 8 year engagement shows our conviction that business performance is only possible through a sustainable perspective. Our role in business consulting requires corporate responsibility on issues like human rights and environmental protection.»

In eight years Ayming has made great progress to:

• To support social development for employees through a human resources policy based on responsible recruitment, fair professional development for all, the appropriation and promotion of the company’s fundamental values in everyday practices, and the integration of all social categories at all levels of the company

• To preserve the environment by changing our day-to-day behavior (travel, use of equipment, recycling, etc.) and our purchasing practices, to make them more responsible.

• To promote sustainable growth for Ayming and its clients by means of responsible and ethical professional practices, together with the development of new solutions, which are sustainable development oriented, innovative and value generating.

• Promoting the ten principles of the Global Compact to our clients via our corporate communications (website, brochures, etc.) and our suppliers through awareness actions and assessments.

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