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Ayming Is Accelerating

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Ayming Is Accelerating
July 23, 2018

Following a financial roundtable, Ayming develops new guidelines and growth plan f

Three years ago, Ayming started a new project with the merger between Alma Consulting Group and LowendalMasai: becoming an international leader in Business Performance consulting.

Today, we are proud of this achievement. The combination of the expertise of the two groups made it possible to cope with the economic developments which had a strong impact on the performance improvement market. The consolidation of a common leadership position is a major competitive advantage: Ayming is now established in 16 countries and developing a strong presence in North America.

Our success is due to our expertise and to the connection we have with our clients. We provide high value-added advice based on global and local support.

This achievement distinguishes us but it also pushes us towards accentuating this dynamic. At a time when our expertise are internationally recognized, we want to accelerate in several ways: speed up our international development, accelerate the enrichment of our knowledge, and boost the digital transformation of our businesses.

Click here to discover the key areas of development Ayming is focusing on to achieve its international objectives. 

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