Operations Performance

Ayming takes a simple no-nonsense approach to consultancy, delivering tangible, measurable long-term results for our clients. Our approach to Operations Performance services is a straight-forward four-part journey, where we:

  • Identify key opportunities for savings and performance improvement;
  • Help you to map out and deliver any required transformation;
  • Work with you to manage those changes so they deliver real impact to your business;
  • Help you sustain them in the long-term.

Our services fall into five key areas:

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Procurement Cost Performance
  • Supply Chain
  • Indirect Purchasing
  • Working Capital

Why Ayming?

Ayming's Operations Performance practice is focused on delivering value to improve our clients' overall performance. Made up of highly experienced specialists in their field across operational efficiency, cost performance, supply chain, direct and indirect purchasing and working capital, you can trust our team to deliver long-term bottom line impact for your business.

Measurable results with bottom line impact

We pride ourselves on our “results not reports” approach. What does this mean in reality? We’re not just going to leave you with some recommendations and a report to implement yourself. We believe it’s far more important to focus on actual, tangible results. We'll leave you with measurable positive outcomes that have genuine impact on your business and bottom line. But of course, we will still deliver reporting and written documentation too, as appropriate to the project to back-up our results focus.

International presence with local expertise

Our international team is spread across 16 countries and three continents, with wide ranging industry and category experience. Drawing on that international expertise, we bring together the best team for your projects and go the extra mile to realise opportunities to improve the performance of your operational efficiency, cost performance, supply chain, direct and indirect purchasing and working capital.

Successful track record

As a business we have over 30 years' experience delivering cost optimisation programmes for our clients, and a proven track record supporting clients across a broad range of industries. Our robust client base comprises a dynamic mix of both large multinationals and SMEs.

Superior delivery & consulting team

We take a pragmatic and collaborative approach to our projects, working with you to ensure you achieve the optimal outcome at the end of each project. You will benefit from our experienced consultants’ holistic approach, drawing on their extensive expertise to ensure no opportunities to deliver improvements are left unexplored.

Results oriented partners

In a nutshell, we are driven by results. We won’t just leave you with a convoluted report to interpret. We make sure we understand your key priorities and interests from the start, aligning our project deliverables to these key factors. Where appropriate to the project, we are happy to apply variable success fee models which are based on signed-off results, ensuring that the project delivers measurable P&L impact that you can enjoy long after we’ve gone.