Finance & Innovation Performance

Ayming has been offering services for over 30 years to improve your Financial and Innovation performance. Ayming's approach, unique in the market, takes place in two key stages: A strategic analysis including a detailed action plan followed by the execution of recommended actions. Performance is the key word in our approach: adapting the Ayming methodology to the context of your company to minimize intrusion into the organization and offering actions with maximum return on investment according to your company's current needs (reducing the cost of developing new products, improving your cash flow, maximizing financing, etc.), measuring the gains obtained and basing our compensation as much as possible on results.

Performance activities in Finance and Innovation include the following categories:

  • Innovation management
  • Tax credits
  • Tax reduction
  • Grants and Government Funding

Why Ayming?

Ayming has in-house teams, including experts across industries such as IT, Automotive, Mechanics, Aerospace, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Pulp and Paper, Agri-Food, Electronics, just to name a few. Whether you have a project to integrate ERP or point of sale systems, acquire a new heating, ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) system, or market or protect one of your new micro products, our experts understand your issues and implement actions with a direct and measurable impact on your performance.

A 360 ° Partner

Ayming's mission is to provide true 360 ° support: - analyzing past investments as well as current and future projects to identify potential earnings. Ayming analyzes your entire activity cycle, from the ideation stage of a new product to its commercialization, providing macro-strategic support (such as recommendations on the structuring of a company to maximize financing) and micro support (obtaining specific funding). This 360° approach can be demonstrated by an example of support throughout the product life cycle:

1) Ayming will help reduce the duration of your innovation cycle, giving rise to more innovation;

2) Ayming will assist you in obtaining adequate funding in terms of grants, tax credits and government loans.

3) In parallel, Ayming will assist you in your intellectual property strategy, which will allow you to benefit from "Patent Box" programs.

4) Lastly, Ayming will assist you in obtaining financing to market your products, thus increasing the profit of the Patent Box while reducing the risks and costs of marketing.

Tailor-Made Approach

The methodology developed over the last 30 years by Ayming is the foundation from which an accompaniment process is customized according to the needs of your company: whether you are a young start-up looking for subsidies or a multinational wanting to reduce the duration of the innovation cycle, our methodology will meet your requirements and help you achieve superior performance.