24 07 2018

Upcoming Webinar THE LAST 20% : The Direct Impact of Indirect Costs on the Bottom Line

Most companies strategically focus on 80% of their costs, with little time or resources remaining for the tail-end 20% of indirect costs. Not addressing this 20% can have a direct impact on the bottom line. Register for our upcoming webinar on October 25th and let our experts provide you with best practices that can be used to manage 100% of your costs.

It's been common practice for organizations to focus on 80% of their spend, which is mostly centered around strategic sourcing that is directly linked to production. However, with today’s competitive landscape, globalization and reduced margins, companies can no longer ignore the remaining 20% of tail-end spend that can directly affect the bottom line. In fact, sales would need to generate $6.00 to $7.00 in revenue to equate $1.00 saved in procurement costs. However, while most companies are aware that they are not managing indirect expenditures to their fullest potential, spend categories are so varied and complex that it can be difficult to optimize them without deep expertise in each category. 

To join us for this complimentary webinar, click here and register!