Job Dating

Don’t tell us you’re different, show us!

job datng toronto

A unique recruitment experience

Join us and take part in an original, bespoke recruitment experience, whether that is in Paris, Houston, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver or London! No matter who you are, it’s an exciting opportunity to truly launch your career.

You’re so much more than your CV. We have created an inspiring ‘job dating’ experience to discover your real personality and see your talent in action. We want to get to know the real you. Don’t just tell us – show us!

Job dating made in Ayming

Our ‘job dating’ events encourage thought-provoking discussion and engagement to discover what connects us. You will participate in four different workshops. Once we’ve finished, you’ll receive feedback within 48 hours.

Over the years, we’ve hosted job dating events in cities around the globe, and three throughout Canada in the last two years. No matter the place, we combine fun and creativity to create a unique experience.

Group Introduction

Ayming’s local leadership team welcome every participant and share an overview of the Ayming’s services, culture and values: team spirit, creativity, pragmatism, open minds, passion, and integrity.

Business Knowledge Workshop

The aim of this workshop is for you to discuss a business or social issue with a small group of other people. It’s time to build an argument and express your ideas! We’ll be looking out for your approach to reasoning, how you interact with the rest of your group, your thought process and delivery of your ideas. What matters to us is your ability to question yourself on key topics. The key is to be true to yourself and be open with your ideas.

Soft-Skills Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to show your creative-thinking and communication skills in a group setting. In this workshop you’ll work together as a team to solve a number of puzzles. This is an opportunity to discover your team’s softer skills, how you deal with leadership, and how to work together as a unit; all are essential skills at Ayming.

Video Filming Workshop

As promised, we don’t just focus on your CV, technical skills and qualifications. We want to get to know you. We are interested in your passions, your outlook, and your dreams. We look for adaptable and flexible colleagues, which is why we have opted for a quick interview consisting of short questions that should be answered spontaneously. Don’t over-think it – just be yourself.

Tell us about yourself

A 10-minute face-to-face discussion with management. This is your time to demonstrate your professional capability and ambition. Use this time to share your ideas, career goals and your strengths. We’re after passionate and forward-thinking people.


The fun doesn’t end after the workshops

We meet up in unique locations, so let’s make the most of it!

We want to make it an unforgettable experience for all candidates. At the end of the workshops, we get to know each other over a few drinks and some snacks in a more relaxed atmosphere. We’re a sociable bunch!