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Tax Recovery

Are you overpaying taxes? Ayming can help you recover lost profits.

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Did you know? 87% of all reviews uncover overpaid taxes.

We have been offering services for over 30 years to improve your Financial and Tax performance. Our approach, unique in the market, takes place in two key stages: A strategic analysis including a detailed action plan followed by the execution of  our recommended actions. Performance is the key word in our approach: adapting the Ayming methodology to the context of your company to minimize intrusion into the organization and offering actions with maximum return on investment according to your company’s current needs (reducing the amount of overpaid taxes, identifying recovery opportunities, and minimizing transaction errors), measuring the gains obtained and basing our compensation as much as possible on results.

Performance activities in Finance and Tax include the following categories:

  • Sales Tax Recovery
  • Property Tax Reduction

A 360 ° Partner

Ayming’s mission is to provide true 360 ° support: Our approach is simple, we enhance your profitability without changing your structure or organization. Our expertise and client-centric approach to business results in significant tax recoveries identified for our clients. By allowing us to become an integral part of your business strategy, Ayming can help you uncover and leverage over payments as we are committed to helping our clients implement long-term performance improvement programs, adding value to their overall business.

Tailor-Made Approach

The variable nature of corporate environments can lead to inefficient processes, oversights, and human errors when it comes to account payable expenditures. Although new procedural developments involving increased automation may simplify many daily activities, they can also result in inaccuracies that are difficult to identify. The methodology developed over the last 30 years by Ayming is the foundation for our tailored and customized approach to each new client engagement. Our methodology will meet your requirements and help you achieve superior performance. This is accomplished through our strategic services providing tailored solutions and a hands-on approach.