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Partner with Ayming: Let’s combine your network and skills with our 35 years of expertise to succeed further together!

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Join Ayming Canada’s Exclusive Business Dating Workshops

An exciting opportunity to earn a lucrative income stream without giving up your current full time focus.

Partner with Ayming: Let’s combine your network and skills with our 35 years of expertise to succeed further together!

At Ayming, we’re not just looking for Industry Professionals and Freelance Consultants with experience drafting government funding reports like SR&ED and grants claims; we’re looking for future business partners and the opportunity to grow together, which can include unlimited earning potential based on your success! That’s why we go beyond the traditional recruitment process, which we call Business Dating.

What Is Business Dating?

Forget the conventional interview. Business Dating is an innovative blend of workshop and networking designed to explore our potential together in a lively and engaging setting. Business Dating is our unique approach to seeing the real you. Through a series of fun and interactive workshops, we engage in thought-provoking discussions and collaborative activities, allowing us to discover our mutual connections and potential.

Why Attend?

  • Challenge Yourself: Participate in three dynamic workshops each lasting 20 minutes.
  • Network and Connect: The workshops are just the beginning. Continue the conversations over drinks and snacks.

Workshop Activities Include:

  • Conversation: Come share your experiences and skills in an interactive session.
  • Strategic Discussion: Explore real-world business problems to share your thought process.
  • Surprise Workshop: Show off your unique skills with a practical, hands-on activity.

Where and When?

Our Business Dating workshops have been held in cities around the globe, including various locations across Canada. For an upcoming event near you, check out our Business Dating Events page.

Apply Now for an Unforgettable Experience

Ready to step out of the traditional interview loop and into a world of opportunity? Secure your spot at our next Business Dating event, and remember, spots are limited to a select group of experienced industry leaders and professionals with C-level industry contacts—ensure you’re one of them!

Join Us and Transform Your Career:

Let’s make it not just memorable, but the beginning of something great. Apply now and let’s discover what connects us at Ayming Canada.