About Ayming Canada

About Ayming Canada

Ayming is a global consulting firm, which has been helping businesses grow and innovate for the last 35 years through its government funding & cost reduction services. We help our clients obtain millions of dollars per year through federal and provincial grants, R&D tax creditstax recovery, and optimization of indirect expenditures. Consider us your one-stop international partner providing you with all the necessary levers to significantly improve your overall performance, while demonstrating tangible and measurable results.

By allowing Ayming to become a core part of your business strategy, we can help you uncover savings in areas that will help your company grow. Our approach to improving profitability without investing additional capital or compromising strategies is done through each of our strategic services below…

Our Services

If you are planning projects in the areas of hiring, training, research and development, business growth, capital expenditures or green initiatives, funding is available from both the federal and provincial governments. Unlike tax credits, businesses are required to apply before incurring costs and need to pre-qualify to receive funding. The challenge for most businesses lies in knowing which grant programs are available to them and how to best structure their applications for success.

We are the first company to successfully launch a national grant practice in Canada, and our team boasts over 50 years of combined grant experience. Our proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) driven grant software enables us to support your growth and innovation needs by helping you successfully access these lucrative grants to subsidize your future planned investments.

Our thorough understanding of Canadian tax credits has always been one of the main drivers of our success. We are committed to adding value to your research and innovation investments by ensuring that your SR&ED claims are fully supported and maximized. We conduct a comprehensive review to identify all eligible activities, beyond only obvious R&D activities.

Our proven SR&ED management services boast a 98.5% claim acceptance rate and are delivered by technical and financial experts from all industries. Our Canadian experts have over 200 years of combined SR&ED experience and been processing claims for our clients for decades and know how to make your SR&ED journey a successful one.

A 3-day claim, with a 3-year action plan. Canada’s First National Offer Focused Exclusively on Helping Early-stage Tech and SMBs Fund Their Innovation and Growth.

We are the first consulting firm in Canada to launch a SR&ED Express Service focused on helping early-stage companies and start-ups fund their innovation and growth through this tax credit program. Our streamlined 3-day claim delivery process guarantees a claim is completed and delivered by the end of the third day. With our structured approach, we assign a senior member of our consulting team with many years of SR&ED experience, ensuring your claim is well-represented, properly documented and defendable.

Unlike other firms, Ayming deploys a combined funding strategy. Companies recognize that having the same firm handle their SR&ED claims and grant applications ensures there is no double-dipping of expenditures and there is consistency on how projects are presented to the different government agencies. This results in a much higher return for our clients.

We make sense of your indirect expenses to uncover areas of savings. Starting with a detailed mapping of your usage and expenditures, we conduct an in-depth analysis to identify errors based on our database of market rates. Many of our clients have obtained savings of up to 50% following pricing negotiations and plan revisions. Even clients already locked into long-term contracts were still able to obtain additional savings of 15% – 20% due to our proven expertise. We focus mainly on the following categories: Telecom Cost Optimization, Car Fleet Optimization, Logistics & Freight Optimization, and Insurance Optimization.

Did you know that Ayming is ranked #1 globally in the category of indirect cost optimization? We render our services at no financial risk to you since we only get remunerated on savings attained. Call us today, you really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Companies conducting a high volume of multifaceted transactions involving multiple vendors can overlook substantial disbursements, which over time can have an impact on the bottom line. Without regular monitoring and increased awareness of where and how over-payments can occur, the combination of these elements creates room for further incorrect sales tax capturing, leading to frequent errors and ultimately, lost profits.

As part of our Sales Tax Recovery services, we conduct a comprehensive and exhaustive review of all Canadian sales taxes (GST/HST/QST/PST) and provincial sales taxes. We identify any tax recovery opportunities and maximize those dollars with our industry knowledge, expertise, and proprietary tools.

We render our services at no financial risk to you since we only get remunerated on savings attained. Call us today, you really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Ayming secures $1.5 billion annually for its clients, and here are just a few more reasons why partnering with us can provide substantial financial benefits to your company:

  • 35 years’ consulting experience in tax credits and grant funding.
  • Global presence in 15 countries with over 20,000 happy clients.
  • Ayming is the first Canadian company to establish a grant practice nationally.
  • Our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI)-driven database of grants provides real time access to thousands of programs, including a custom snapshot of all federal and provincial grants currently available specifically to your business.
  • We provide full support in the case of a SR&ED audit or government review, at no extra charge.
  • With Ayming, clients do not have to wait for the government agencies to process their grant and SR&ED applications in order to receive money immediately. Ayming has an exclusive fund of $150 million which provides accelerated access to your funding through our attractive financing offer.
  • In addition to government funding, we increase clients’ profitability with our cost optimization services – an offer for which we have been ranked #1 globally.
  • No risk, success-fee remuneration available.
  • Ayming boasts a 98.5% success rate on all government claims submitted.
  • Our Canadian operations are spread across 3 provinces with offices in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Our teams are strategically located across Canada to better serve you nationally.

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“If you are curious about how we can help your business secure every eligible dollar of grant and SR&ED funding that you are entitled to, or if you simply want to get access to your funding today, then I encourage you to reach out to us immediately. You just may be surprised at how much money you have been missing out on.”

Harry Singh, Partner & President at Ayming Canada