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About Ayming Canada

Ayming is a global consulting firm, with a successful track record in securing and maximizing tax credits and government grants for our clients.

We help our clients truly maximize all areas of government funding for their business (federal / provincial grants, SR&ED tax credits, interest free loans etc.) We focus on results by implementing practical solutions that are rooted in expertise and industry know-how. By allowing Ayming to become an integral part of your business strategy, we can help you obtain government funding and uncover savings in areas that will help your company grow and increase its profitability. Our client centric approach to business means we work directly with your team to understand both near-term needs and long-term objectives, effectively identifying opportunities available for your business.

Here’s a bit about our proven technique and added value:

  • We have over 30 years of experience in securing funding for our clients.
  • Operating globally, we have offices in 15 countries around the world.
  • Over the past 5 years, we have secured over $14 billion dollars in innovation funding for our clients.
  • Our staff has proudly served over 20,000 clients globally.
  • We employ a multifaceted team of 1,300+ technical experts from every technology vertical.
  • Our Canadian operations are spread across 3 provinces with offices in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Our teams are strategically located across Canada to better serve you nationally.
  • Our full-service mandates come at no risk/ cost to you, we work on a success fee basis – meaning we don’t get paid unless you do. We are invested in delivering tangible results.

Overall, we bring new opportunities to our clients by improving decision-making at all levels, increasing funding and decreasing costs, while building trust and a supportive environment for continual improvement. Through strategic relationships we have achieved extraordinary results and our confidence in the quality of our work means we frequently share risk and reward with our clients. Our relationships are built to last; many stretch back over decades.

Our Services

Understanding the Difference Between Funding Options

We help secure millions of dollars annually through government grants, tax credits, and optimization of indirect expenditures. We are one of the few firm’s that addresses a broad range of categories, allowing us to combine various funding options to maximize your overall return. We have strategic connections with government agencies to stay informed on the latest funding developments and we become an integral part of your company’s decision-making process for planning future investments. When applying or considering applying for funding, it is important to understand the difference between direct funding vs. indirect funding:

Direct Funding (Grants / Loans)

  • How much do you anticipate spending?
  • Often first come, first serve.
  • Fixed funding amounts.
  • Need government approval before starting projects.
  • Many programs, all with unique criteria and timelines.

As one of the first grant consulting firms in Canada, Ayming boasts a successful history in assisting companies like yours take full advantage of all federal and provincial grants. If you are planning projects in the areas of business growth, research & development, capital purchases, hiring & training, or green technology, you are most likely eligible for lucrative government grants. The funding landscape is complex, and many companies struggle to understand if they qualify and may lack expertise in navigating through the constantly changing program criteria’s and timelines. Although there is large amounts of funding available, there is also high levels of competition for the funds. Unlike tax credits, businesses are required to apply before incurring costs and need to pre-qualify to receive funding.

Indirect Funding (SR&ED / Tax Refunds)

  • How much have you already spent?
  • Part of the Tax Law (if you qualify, you get)
  • Can be applied to past projects.
  • Strict government criteria.
  • Risk of an audit.

Our thorough understanding of Canadian tax credits has always been one of the main drivers of our success. We are committed to adding value to your research and innovation investments by ensuring that your SR&ED claims are being fully supported and maximized, while minimizing your team’s administrative efforts in doing so. There are no differences in the SR&ED requirements from one province to another, only difference is in the benefit paid by each province in additional to the federal portion. Contrary to Grants, a company can claim past activities, provided they occur in the fiscal year in which the last day is less than 18 months from the current tax filing date.

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“The quest for performance is often reduced to a quest for cost-efficency and quantitative-driven development. The question we should ask ourselves is not how can we do more? but how can we do things better?

Charmeil Thibaut, General Director Ayming France