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SR&ED Express

Canada’s First National Offer Focused Exclusively on Helping Early-Stage Tech and SMB’s Fund Their Innovation and Growth.

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SR&ED Express Services

Specialized services focused on helping start-up and early stage innovators fund their R&D through our proprietary 3-day claim process

A 3-day claim, with a 3-year action plan.

Our understanding of the SR&ED Tax Credit Program extends far beyond processing typical claims. We are the first Consulting firm in Canada to launch a SR&ED Express Service focused on helping early stage companies and start-ups fund their innovation and growth through the SR&ED Tax Credit program. Our streamlined 3-day claim delivery process guarantees a claim is completed and delivered by the end of the third day. With our structured approach, we assign a senior member of our consulting team who brings many years of SR&ED experience to deliver your claim, ensuring it is well represented, properly documented and defendable. Our goal is to help you fund your innovation and growth in the best possible way, by offering services such as SR&ED Express to meet the needs of businesses of all stages and sizes.

Our SR&ED Express Service is focused on supporting companies who are still in the early process of getting established and could use the extra support. Unlike larger firms who would typically turn away from smaller files, Ayming sees the value in your potential and will work collectively to validate work for companies of any size. We prepare you for the next steps, becoming key stakeholders invested in your success. We set you up with a 3-year action plan to support you through the critical next phases of the SR&ED program, ensuring you emerge with a strong SR&ED track record by meeting all standards and expectations from the CRA. 

In addition to delivering results on your SR&ED claims, we are also able to help increase your overall government funding by preparing you to start applying for lucrative federal and provincial Grants in the areas of hiring, training, R&D, and export growth. Having the same firm handle your SR&ED claims and Grant applications ensures there is no double dipping of expenditures and there is consistency on how your projects are presented to the different government agencies.

We’re here to help make the entire process quick and easy.

A Unique Offer Focused on Early-Stage Tech Companies and SMB’s

As SR&ED experts, we know that representing your claim in a strong manner is key to ensuring we are maximizing and capturing every eligible dollar. We are committed to adding value to your product development, R&D and process improvement by securing you Tax Credits with our proprietary Express Service. Our comprehensive offer is ideal for:

  • Companies looking to apply for SR&ED but are not sure about their eligibility;
  • Companies having to deal with a short stub year but still want to claim what they can in tax credits;
  • Companies with very little eligible expenditures or not sure if they’re incurring costs;
  • First time claimants;
  • Companies seeking an entrepreneurial partner for quick and easy results. No excuses, no delays, just a SR&ED claim in 3 days.

An Express Claim, with a Plan for Success

As part of our added value and on-going commitment to your success, following the delivery of your 3-day claim we will also provide you with a 3-year action plan going forward where we will work with you through the most critical years of your SR&ED claims.

We recognize that many smaller companies who are claiming SR&ED for the first time are at a high likelihood of being audited by the Canada Revenue Agency after their first 2 years of claiming. The financial and technical audits carried out in the third year are largely due to the CRA ensuring compliance amongst new applicants.

During this time, as you begin to navigate the program and criteria, it is important that you have strong representation and extensive expertise to support you. Our Express claim offer includes a 3-year action plan for this very reason – we’re here to not only help you get a fast SR&ED claim in 3 days, but also support you for the following 3-years by building you a strong, defendable and compliant SR&ED process for your business. Our goal is to set you up to use the SR&ED program as a core funding strategy for the years to come.

Our 3-day express claim delivery and 3-year action plan is designed with our clients in mind. We know the process can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, so our experts are here to support you every step of the way.

A Combined Funding Strategy

We set ourselves apart from any other Consulting firm in Canada as we bring to the table more than just SR&ED knowledge, we also have extensive expertise in securing government grant funding for our clients. We have the ability to increase your overall government funding return by preparing you to apply for lucrative federal and provincial grants in the areas of hiring, training, R&D, and export growth.

This combined strategy of SR&ED and Grants often results in increasing overall funding for our clients by 100%. Several early stage companies don’t realize that they pre-qualify to claim R&D Grants and see value in working with Ayming because we can assist with a comprehensive offer on both SR&ED and Grant Funding. Our clients realize that having 1 firm handle their SR&ED and Grant applications ensures that there is consistency on how the R&D projects are being presented and positioned to the different government agencies and that there is also no duplicating of expenditures. The end result of this strategy ensures that our clients subsidize a much higher chunk of their R&D and technical costs versus just claiming SR&ED alone.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to apply for SR&ED, establish your eligibility and submit your claim in just 3 days!

Express Claim Delivery Service
Action Plan - Supporting You All The Way
Secured in Funding and Savings Annually
Happy Clients in 15 Countries Globally

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