$1 Million Secured in Tax Credits for IT & Software Engineering Firm

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November 7, 2023

$1 Million Secured in Tax Credits for IT & Software Engineering Firm

A Remarkable Tax Credit Success Story for an IT and Software Firm

In the dynamic realm of IT and software engineering, innovation propels businesses forward, but there’s another key aspect that can significantly impact a company’s growth – tax credits. In this case, a firm specializing in innovation and business performance secured one million dollars of tax credits! However, the most captivating part of this narrative lies in the strategic finesse that yielded an extra $55,000 in cumulative tax credits for our client. This behind-the-scenes victory underscores the significance of strategic financial optimization.

Navigating Complexity Challenge: The Project Scope

The root of the challenge was the interaction between SR&ED and Quebec e-business tax credits. Harmonizing SR&ED claims with Quebec e-business claims, a provincial credit, demanded meticulous strategy. A strategic misstep could potentially undermine the client’s efforts, resulting in untapped financial potential. Uncertainty prevailed around the efficacy of the existing claiming approach and whether it left room for improved financial gain. Our client’s need for a refined strategy prompted a pivotal collaboration.

Objective: Realizing Full Potential

This is where Ayming came into play, armed with our expertise in innovation funding and strategic optimization. The central goal was crystal clear: to unleash the maximum conceivable tax credits for our client. We weren’t merely an advisory; we were a catalyst for translating the potential entwined in the complex tax credit landscape. The stakes were monumental, promising a substantial shift in the firm’s financial path.

Executing Strategy: The Path Forward

Ayming’s experts approached the task systematically, as the journey started with a thorough analysis of the client’s past claiming strategy and projecting future claims based on the same approach. However, the true brilliance emerged in the subsequent steps. Expert analysts at Ayming conducted a range of simulations, analyzing diverse scenarios that encompass various combinations of SR&ED and Quebec e-business tax credits.

The outcome was nothing short of exceptional. Our strategic calculations and meticulous simulations culminated in an additional $55,000 in cumulative tax credits for the client, increasing their total claims to one million dollars.

This narrative serves as a potent reminder that even within the ostensibly routine domain of tax credits, innovation thrives. When guided by experts, innovation can be demonstrated in ways that redefine success, one carefully calculated simulation at a time!

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