Ayming’s Strategic Support in Fortran’s Innovative Mobile App Development: A Case Study

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June 24, 2024

Ayming’s Strategic Support in Fortran’s Innovative Mobile App Development: A Case Study

Case Study

In an era where road efficiency and safety are paramount, Fortran set out on a mission to revolutionize the driving experience through the development of a groundbreaking mobile application. This case study delves into Fortran’s ambitious project and the crucial role that Ayming played in guiding them through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) claim process. By illustrating Ayming’s expertise in supporting software innovation and securing SR&ED incentives, this case study sheds light on the transformative potential of strategic consultancy.

Pioneering Efficiency in Road Navigation:

In 2023, Fortran embarked on an ambitious project to develop a mobile application that could predict the timing of traffic lights turning green, thereby enhancing path efficiency for drivers. Utilizing a mix of highly customized open-source libraries and proprietary Time of Arrival Algorithms, Fortran aimed to provide drivers with real-time insights to optimize their routes.

Technical Challenges and Uncertainties in Mobile App Development:

Despite their innovative vision, Fortran encountered significant challenges during the development process. The reliability of GPS data, often off by more than 5 metres, posed a considerable obstacle to accurate pedestrian detection and signal timing prediction. Additionally, issues with simulation inaccuracies further complicated the project’s progress, necessitating innovative solutions to overcome these hurdles.

Ayming’s Role in Enhancing SR&ED Claim Success:

Ayming’s strategic support proved instrumental in aligning Fortran’s project with SR&ED criteria. By identifying and articulating the experimental nature of Fortran’s work, particularly in improving algorithms to address GPS limitations, Ayming played a pivotal role in the successful SR&ED claim, maximizing potential incentives and benefits.

Overcoming Technological Uncertainties:

With Ayming’s SR&ED claim guidance, Fortran was able to make significant strides in enhancing their algorithms to mitigate the inaccuracies associated with GPS technology. This improvement not only demonstrated Fortran’s commitment to overcoming technological uncertainties but also solidified their eligibility for SR&ED incentives.

Financial Insights and SR&ED Impact:

The project’s total Investment Tax Credit (ITC) amounted to over $100,000, reflecting the substantial investment in innovation. Ayming’s strategic guidance ensured that Fortran’s innovative efforts were accurately documented and presented, maximizing the potential SR&ED benefits and financial returns.

Insights on Software and SR&ED:

This case study underscores a vital SR&ED insight: software development doesn’t need to be entirely custom to qualify. Integrating and customizing existing technologies to overcome their limitations can also be eligible, provided the process involves addressing technological uncertainties.

A Strategic Partnership Fostering Innovation:

The successful collaboration between Fortran and Ayming exemplifies the power of strategic guidance in navigating the complexities of SR&ED for software development projects. By leveraging Ayming’s expertise, Fortran not only advanced its technological capabilities but also secured valuable SR&ED incentives, showcasing Ayming’s commitment to supporting companies in achieving their technological and financial objectives through SR&ED.

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