Elevating a Specialized Equipment Manufacturer: $4.6 Million Secured in SR&ED Funding

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August 21, 2023

Elevating a Specialized Equipment Manufacturer: Ayming’s Strategic Expertise Secures $4.6 Million in SR&ED Funding

In the dynamic realm of specialized equipment manufacturing, innovation is the driving force that propels industries forward. For one pioneering manufacturer specializing in heavy duty material handling systems for sectors like pulp & paper, aluminum, and specialized systems, securing the necessary funding for research and development (R&D) was essential for their continued growth. Through a strategic partnership with Ayming, this manufacturer not only achieved an astounding $4.6 million in SR&ED tax credits but also transformed their entire approach to documentation and claiming processes. Let’s delve into this remarkable success story that underscores Ayming’s pivotal role in shaping the manufacturer’s journey.

Context and Premise: A Need for Strategic Funding

Operating in this niche sector that demands constant innovation, our specialized equipment manufacturer faced the challenge of financing their cutting-edge research and development initiatives. Serving industries with unique requirements like pulp & paper, aluminum, and specialized systems, their products played a vital role in shaping their clients’ operations. However, to remain at the forefront of innovation, substantial investment was imperative.

The turning point arrived when the manufacturer found themselves in the penultimate year of a competitor mandate, coupled with the selection for a comprehensive audit. The audit was a double-edged sword, offering both challenges and opportunities. This crucial juncture marked the inception of their journey, setting the stage for Ayming’s strategic involvement.

The Project Scope and Objective: Enhancing Claims through Strategic Expertise

Navigating through an imminent audit and recognizing the need for optimized claiming processes, the manufacturer sought the assistance of Ayming. The scope of the project was clear; address gaps in their documentation, streamline the claiming process, and enhance their ability to capture the full extent of eligible SR&ED activities.

The objectives were twofold. First, provide a comprehensive pre-mandate analysis to prepare for the audit. Second, revamp the documentation approach to ensure meticulous capture of SR&ED activities, leading to a streamlined claiming process.

Ayming’s Approach: Crafting Success through Collaboration

Before formalizing the mandate, Ayming’s experts initiated a detailed analysis and assessment to lay the groundwork for the manufacturer’s success. This strategic prelude not only fortified the manufacturer for the impending audit but also paved the way for more effective claims in the future.

Collaboration was key in this journey. The specialized equipment manufacturer and Ayming’s experts worked synergistically to refine the documentation process. Ayming introduced a more structured approach, ensuring that every eligible project activity was meticulously documented. As a result, a strategy for grouping and positioning projects was implemented, replacing the previous micro-level presentation that carried a higher audit risk.

Results Achieved: Ayming’s Impact on Transformation

A structured documentation system was now firmly in place, capturing eligible project activities with precision. This enhancement streamlined the claiming process while also forming a solid foundation for future research endeavors.

The strategic consolidation and positioning of project activities yielded remarkable results. The manufacturer minimized audit risks and achieved unprecedented efficiency in their claiming process. Proof of the success of Ayming’s strategy was the manufacturer’s impressive streak of nine consecutive years without undergoing an audit, a testament to their meticulous documentation and streamlined claiming approach.

In totality, this coordinated effort resulted in securing approximately $4.6 million in SR&ED tax credits in nine consecutive years. It underscored the tangible impact of Ayming’s collaborative partnership and the manufacturer’s unwavering commitment to innovation.

Ayming’s Catalyst for Innovative Progress

The success story of this specialized equipment manufacturer stands as a beacon of inspiration for businesses seeking SR&ED funding. Ayming’s strategic approach, combined with the manufacturer’s determination, propelled them to secure substantial funding and reshape their operational landscape.

This narrative reinforces the power of collaboration, foresight, and adaptability in the realm of research and development funding. Industries continue to evolve, and innovation remains the lifeblood of progress. With Ayming’s strategic guidance, businesses can secure essential funding and also pioneer ground-breaking advancements that leave an indelible mark on industries for years to come.

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