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Funding Alert: $300,000 for the Dairy and Meat Processing Sector

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June 27, 2022

Competitiveness and Environment Program for the Dairy and Meat Processing Sector

The Competitiveness and Environment Program aims to stimulate investments to increase the competitiveness of companies in the dairy or meat processing sector or to improve their environmental footprint.


A business registered in the Quebec Enterprise Register that holds one of the following permits:

  • Permit for a local slaughterhouse or a slaughterhouse under permanent inspection granted under the Food Products Act (RLRQ, chapter P-29);
  • A wholesale meat products license (C1) granted under the Food Products Act (R.R.S.Q., chapter P-29) that processes the majority of the meat from a slaughterhouse under permanent provincial inspection;
  • Licence to slaughter animals for human consumption (federally inspected slaughterhouse) under the Canadian Food Safety Regulations;
  • Dairy plant license granted under the Food Products Act (RLRQ, chapter P-29).

Eligible projects

  • Automation or robotization of processes;
  • Addition of a production line or diversification of products;
  • The reduction or recovery of residual materials;
  • A response to environmental or regulatory requirements;
  • Optimization of water management in food processing areas;
  • Increasing the energy efficiency of processes
  • Improving the quality and safety of food;
  • Implementing or modernizing an animal or food traceability system.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance covers 50% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $300,000. An additional 10% of eligible expenses may be granted for projects that meet departmental or governmental priorities.

Financial assistance for the duration of the program

The financial assistance corresponds to a maximum of $700,000 per applicant for all program components.

Eligible expenses

Expenses directly associated with the project and related to the following are eligible:

  • costs related to the use of external experts
  • the design of plans and specifications for the project when they have not been supported under component 1;
  • the cost of renting specialized equipment and premises for the period during which the project is carried out
  • the cost of materials associated with the project;
  • the purchase, modification, delivery and installation of new or used equipment, acquired from an equipment supplier, with a minimum three-month warranty
  • the modification or expansion of processing, storage and shipping facilities
  • the acquisition of specialized software and the equipment necessary to use it for the implementation of the project.

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