How Ayming guided McRae Imaging to improve their SR&ED claim approach.

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“We outsourced our SR&ED, believing that this would relieve us from having to place a lot of our focus on the claim process. However, what ended up happening was that the firm we were outsourcing to was not producing the type of write-up that was yielding us adequate results. We knew we needed to make a change, and when Ayming came along, we were certain we had found the right partner to implement that change with.”

As a company driven by innovation, McRae Imaging was a pioneer in fabric printing and digital imaging. With a level of profiling that is beyond anyone in the world, they have set an incredibly high standard for the rest of the industry. Continuing to expand their business, McRae Imaging required quality hardware on which to showcase their magnificent fabrics, and realized that they would be doing a disservice to their superior imaging products if they were being set on substandard hardware. Therefore, they decided to take control of the entire supply chain. Once again, they innovated to begin manufacturing every component required to position their products in the best possible light, and committed themselves to only producing the highest quality results. From the most flattering hardware to the purest lighting, McRae Imaging is always looking for new ways to enhance their offering and improve their products, continuing to grow along the way.

Along with innovation and growth comes increased eligibility for the SR&ED program, a federal tax incentive program, administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that encourages Canadian businesses of all sizes, and in all sectors to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada. It is the largest single source of federal government support for industrial R&D.

When we first met with McRae in 2006, the imaging company was already claiming SR&ED. However, McRae was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the way the technical portion of the claim was being written, resulting in SR&ED returns that were well below what the imaging company was actually eligible for. We immediately highlighted the areas where McRae’s claims and returns were not being optimized, and worked with them to revamp their positioning, approach, and claim process as a whole. We relieved McRae Imaging from the issues they were having with their previous firms by managing the entire claim process, as well as providing expertise in areas such as technical writing, audit defense, peer review and training.


“Ayming is by far the best in the business when it comes to SR&ED. When we first met with them, our company was on an upswing, and we wanted to focus our energy on developing our core strengths,” states Bob Murray, President at McRae Imaging.

“Claiming SR&ED allows us to continue being the type of innovative company that keeps us at the forefront of our industry, so it’s very important to us,” continues Bob. “When we decided to switch firms, we met with quite a few others before being approached by Ayming. They are so much better than any other firm we evaluated, and have been delivering results that are beyond our expectations for 8 years now. We are considered among the best in our field, and we only want to deal with the best when seeking out our own services. Ayming definitely falls into that category, and has earned our business by continuing to deliver outstanding results.”

By trusting the experts at Ayming to analyze and optimize their SR&ED claims, McRae Imaging has received significant tax credits since becoming an Ayming client. In addition, Ayming’s specialists have taught McRae’s staff how to use SR&ED as a tool for assessing technical uncertainties and documenting proprietary technology, resulting in procedural improvements as well as financial benefit. As a result, McRae Imaging continues to develop and innovate, introducing new and exciting layers to their already extensive offering and developing best practices as they grow. Ayming has become a trusted partner for McRae Imaging when it comes to managing their innovation funding, educating their employees on proper documentation, and ultimately increasing their claim size exponentially over the years. The level of trust attained and results achieved have now led to McRae furthering their innovation funding initiatives and engaging Ayming to help them add direct funding in the form of grants to their overall strategy.

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