Join our interactive North American Webinar!

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We'll be discussing key insights from our 2021 R&D Benchmark guide and how it can help your business!

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Join our interactive Webinar!

Get your questions answered by our expert panel.


Harry Singh, President & Partner   |    Ayming Canada





Thomas Folsom, Managing Director  |  Ayming USA



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Join us Thu Apr 29, 2021 at 12PM EST / 9AM PST!

Hosted by Ayming’s North American Executive team with Harry Singh and Thomas Folsom, in this webinar you will learn:

  • Key insights from our 2021 R&D Benchmark Report which draws comparisons on R&D tax credit programs internationally.
  • Learn the current trends in innovation in North America, and how the R&D Benchmark can help your company’s decision-making processes.
  • Learn why innovation is important and how you can leverage R&D tax credits and government funding for your future innovation and growth plans.

If you’re looking for a simple way to compare international R&D Tax Credit programs, or even just learn more about R&D Tax credits and government funding potential, be sure to register for this webinar today!

Get answers to some of the following common questions for each country:

  • Is foreign-owned R&D eligible?
  • Must R&D occur in the country?
  • How many previous financial years are claimable?
  • Is pre-approval required?
  • Are other R&D incentives available?

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