Partnership Announcement with OKR Financial

Ayming is very excited to announce its latest strategic funding partner!

Cover image - Partnership Announcement with OKR Financial

Ayming is thrilled to announce our newest trusted funding partner, OKR Financial!

OKR is a Canadian specialized private debt fund that offers non-dilutive financing for SME’s using their R&D grants and tax credits as collateral. OKR offers short term bridge financing solutions that allow companies to advance cash against these government receivables and then pay off their loans when funds are received.

Helping companies fund their innovation and growth has always been a core part of Ayming’s DNA. Our clients have often asked us how they can get access to their SR&ED or grant funding sooner, versus waiting for the government approval times which can often take several months. Our partnership with OKR will now give our clients the ability to access their funding within weeks in a non-dilutive manner.

Advancing cash is a massive benefit to all our clients, but especially to the early-stage companies and start-ups who are looking to grow and innovate and need access to funding as soon as possible. Through this partnership, companies can now access Ayming’s SR&ED and grant consulting services in addition to OKR Financial’s immediate capital and leverage this money to support their immediate innovation and growth needs.

Ayming’s highly experienced consultants in Canada boast over 200+ years of cumulative SR&ED experience and over 50+ years of cumulative grants experience, meaning you will partner with true subject matter experts who are invested in your success.

“Helping companies successfully access funding that is critical to their growth and innovation needs has always been at the very core of our existence. We have always felt extremely fortunate to be in a position to assist with and to witness firsthand the amazing transformation and growth our loyal clients attain. The COVID climate has had a profound impact on many companies and several have asked us to help them get access to their SR&ED or grant funding immediately, versus having to wait for the government processing times which in many cases can be months.

I am therefore extremely pleased by our strategic partnership with OKR Financial, as our clients will now have the ability to access their funding in just a few weeks. I am confident that this will assist our clients tremendously and we have already witnessed some great results.

If you are curious about knowing how we can help your business secure every eligible dollar of grant and SR&ED funding that you are entitled to, or if you simply want to get access to your funding today, then I encourage you to reach out to us immediately. You just may be surprised at how much money you have been missing out on. “

– Harry Singh, President & Managing Partner at Ayming Canada