Over $1 million awarded to a software developer in non-repayable grants

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January 3, 2024

In a significant development for the software development industry, a leading company has been awarded over $1 million in non-repayable grants to support its ambitious transformation project.

Software developer embarks on transformation journey

The software developer, operating in a dynamic and competitive industry, aimed to revolutionize its business model by transitioning to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach. Recognizing the need for a substantial workforce overhaul, the company embarked on a journey to train 459 existing employees and create an additional 220 positions to meet the demands of the new business model.

Securing maximum funding

Ayming was enlisted to help the client secure the necessary funding for training and hiring. The primary challenge lay in optimizing the client’s e-business tax credit, given that salaries were already subsidized. Ayming’s approach involved a meticulous evaluation of expenditures to identify eligible grant programs aligned with the project. The firm’s experts synchronized tax credits and grant programs, deploying a client-centric strategy rooted in legal references and cross-departmental expertise.

Our client-centric strategy

Ayming’s thorough approach ensured that the grant application was submitted in a timely manner. The consulting firm, leveraging its deep industry knowledge, legal expertise, and out-of-the-box thinking, navigated the complex funding landscape on behalf of the client. The challenge of optimizing and synchronizing tax credits and grant programs was met with resilience and creativity.

Ayming delivers success

The collaboration between the software developer and our experts proved highly fruitful. Through a combination of internal expertise, external legal references, and innovative problem-solving, Ayming successfully secured over $1 million in non-repayable grant funding for the client.

Future implications: new knowledge and continued support

The successful outcome of this collaboration has not only provided the client with essential funding but has also contributed to our evolving expertise in the optimization and synchronization of tax credits and grant programs. As the software developer moves forward with its transformative project, Ayming remains a steadfast partner, committed to providing ongoing support.

In a resounding victory for the software developer and Ayming, the awarded grant funds amount to over 25% of the total project costs. This achievement underscores the significance of strategic consulting in obtaining crucial financial support for companies navigating complex business transformations.

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