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May 8, 2020

Addressing Labour Supply and Training Challenges

For Canadian businesses in the Agri-Food and Agri-Product sectors

As your trusted grant advisor, we recognize that these are complicated times and things are changing quickly, so we’re committed to keeping you informed.

If you are a Canadian business in the Agri-Food or Agri-Products sector there is cost-share funding available that support implementing new, enhanced, or expanded activities for attracting, training and retaining labour in light of the COVID-19.  The program’s main focus is on helping Canadian agri-businesses to build a strong labour force and grow value chains that have been heavily impacted by this pandemic.

In order to be eligible for grant funding, your business must be aligned with the following:

  • Involved in the agri-food and agri-products value chains that are heavily impacted by labour supply sectors;
  • Partnerships among eligible businesses are encouraged;
  • Engaged in the project and be contributing cash or in-kind resources towards the project;
  • In compliance with all Requirements of Law and agrees to remain in compliance with all Requirements of Law for the duration of the project;
  • Capable of entering into a funding agreement with the Province of Ontario; and
  • Able to provide a Canada Revenue Agency Business Number as part of the application process.

Program Funding

Funding is available for up to 90% of eligible costs. Funding requests for less than 90% of eligible costs are preferred.

In order to be eligible, costs must be specifically required for implementation of the project and can include as follows:

  • Cost of goods (including supplies), services and all related shipping or transportation costs;
  • Costs of labour that is specifically dedicated to the project (such as contract salaries, benefits, and specific per diem fees);
  • Costs for rental of facilities, equipment or machinery;
  • Costs of communication materials including design, printing, translation, etc.;
  • In-kind contributions to the limit of 15 per cent of the approved value of eligible project costs;
  • travel and meal expenses.

Projects Eligible for Funding

  • Projects that connect available labour supply with opportunities in the agri-food and agri-product sectors;
  • Projects with results that meet needs of specific sectors and regions;
  • Projects that involve partnerships are preferred;
  • Projects must be implemented and completed no later than September 30, 2022, and according to the terms and conditions of the Contribution Agreement between the Province of Ontario and the successful applicant.

How Ayming Can Help

Our team of grant professionals has the expertise and industry know-how to develop a funding strategy that compliments your planned investments and is tailored to your specific needs. Our holistic methodology and thorough understanding of government grant programs results in $1.5 billion of funding achieved globally for our clients per year. The key is finding the right grant program(s) that align with your business growth and investment needs. Ayming will work with your team to understand your near-term needs and long-term objectives and effectively identify the best funding options available to your business.

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