The Agri-Food Innovation Report 2023

International insights & funding opportunities

Cover image - The Agri-Food Innovation Report 2023

Ayming Canada has crafted a short briefing that reviews global agri-food insights and provides information on Canadian funding opportunities. 

Known for its vast agricultural resources, diverse climate, innovative farming practices and high-quality products, Canada has a world renowned agri-food sector that contributes significantly to GDP and exports. The agri-food industry encompasses a wide range of activities and sub-sectors, including crop production, livestock, fisheries, food-processing and distribution.

The current agri-food situation presents several difficulties as well as opportunities. The war in Ukraine, which has disrupted global supply chains, has created increased demand for Canadian agri-food products in international markets while at the same time creating numerous detrimental impacts. To support the growth and sustainability of primary agriculture, aquaculture and food and beverage processing, Canadian Federal, Provincial and Territorial (FPT) Governments, including through various intermediaries, provide financial contributions and benefits to farmers, agri-food businesses, researchers and other stakeholders.

In this report, we will discuss the following:

  • Agri-food sector in need of paradigm shift
    • The importance of production relocation for global ecological transition
    • Relocation of strategic sectors: addressing the increasing dependence on imports
  • Agri-food in Canada, Government incentives landscape
    • Renewal of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP)
    • Funding opportunities through SCAP
    • Other high-value agri-food programs
  • Notable 2023 budget announcements

As Canadian firms face elevated levels of inflation, high interest rates and labour market challenges, financial assistance from the public-sector has become an increasingly important resource. Our team of experts specializes in Government funding and is dedicated to helping our clients secure grants that de-risk investment and support continued business growth.

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