The AI Innovation Report

Government funding opportunities in Canada

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The potential of AI to drive innovation is quasi-limitless, and the harsh reality is that potential also extends to shortsighted and even nefarious goals.

What will come out of the “AI revolution” ultimately depends on us, as well as on the guardrails we impose on progress, based on the values we collectively stand for.

Exploring the full potential of AI is an opportunity for us to consider what fundamentally makes us human. A glance into a blurry mirror providing a small, partial reflection into the truth of our essence. Let us look forward to this opportunity, and in return, learn more about ourselves and why leveraging AI innovation may be relevant for businesses.

In this report we will discuss the following topics:

  • AI – A mix of fear and wonder
  • Why is AI relevant to my business?
  • Key consideration for AI innovation
  • Government Grants landscape (non-repayable funding)
  • Why Ayming?

After reading this document you will have a better understanding of how AI innovation concretely translates into modern technology to help us make better decisions, how to optimize the resources we have access to and how leveraging AI innovation may be relevant for businesses.

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