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Out of the bottle.
But is GenAI a cure-all?

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The latest edition of the IT and Tech report, “Out of the bottle. But is GenAI a cure-all?” is now available for download.

GenAI is out of the bottle. It seems artificial intelligence (AI) and its new generative offshoot are, or soon will be, everywhere. And the techno-utopian view is that they will fix everything too. This Business Insight Note surveys the significant developments (many of them AI-powered) unfolding across three not unrelated areas – robotics and autonomous vehicles, IT and cybersecurity, and computing, particularly its sustainability.

In each field, the transformative technology is unleashing waves of disruption capable of generating huge gains and opportunities, while also posing risks, which we also consider.

In this report we discuss the following topics:

  • Robotics and autonomous vehicles
  • IT and Cybersecurity
  • IP protection
  • Computing and sustainability

Don’t miss out, download this free IT and Tech report now and discover the funding opportunities available for you.