Finance & Innovation

Guiding Inscape through the process of Government Funding

"The Ayming team helped us navigate the large number of available government funding programs"


Inscape Corp. approached Ayming because they had a major investment project involving the development of F.I.R.E., a fully integrated CRM/ERP system, and Ayming then analyzed the funding landscape. By closely mapping Inscape’s project against available government funding, Ayming identified grants related to exports, hiring and training. The export grant which covered the new CRM/ERP implementation was particularly challenging because the export funding program focused mostly on supporting manufacturing equipment. Working closely with Inscape to help them understand and respect the requirements of the program, Ayming was able to build a compelling business case.


Inscape Corp. was positively impressed by Ayming’s performance: “The Ayming team helped us navigate the large number of available government funding programs,” wrote Matthew Posno, Inscape’s CFO. ”They were very professional and efficient, and did an outstanding job assisting us with a number of complex applications and following up with us to meet tight deadlines. They did so in a very transparent manner, seamlessly guiding us through the process from start to finish. We have had several positive outcomes with Ayming so far, and will continue to work with them to identify more opportunities as they arise.”

Since then, Inscape Corp. has also engaged Ayming to investigate and claim SR&ED tax credits.  

Inscape Corp. is a furniture manufacturing company located in Holland Landing, ON. They provide customized solutions through engineered storage and wall systems whose flexibility enables both the creation of unique applications at a lower cost, and compatibility with other products. As a result, Inscape’s smart applications will work today and tomorrow.