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March 2, 2023

Funding Alert: BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund Program

The BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund (MJF) will help manufacturing companies modernize and grow their operations by funding capital projects in all regions of B.C., particularly in communities affected by economic impacts or downturns.

The BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund (MJF) will help manufacturing companies modernize and grow their operations by funding capital projects in all regions of B.C., particularly in communities affected by economic impacts or downturns. 

MJF will be investing up to $180 million in projects that contribute to economic resilience, diversification and create stable, well-paying jobs for local workers.

The program welcomes applications from all manufacturing sectors and forestry sector projects featuring new, sustainable value-added business lines to reduce dependency on old growth logging.  It will prioritize funding to those making innovative use of biomaterials.

This program is now accepting applications and we highly recommend you to get in touch right away.

Program Funding Amount

Stream 1 – Project Readiness:

Funding to complete final-stage business and project planning, including operational and technical assessments.

  • Maximum: $50,000
  • Up to 50% of total eligible project costs

Stream 2 – Capital Investments:

Funding to invest in new or renovated manufacturing infrastructure, technology, equipment, and processes, including renovating idle industrial buildings such as an unused mill site.

  • Minimum: $100,000
  • Maximum: $10,000,000
  • It is expected that the program will contribute an average of 20% of total eligible project costs

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants must:

  • Be registered to do business in BC
  • Operate in the manufacturing sector
  • Preferably in the forestry sector, located in rural, remote or forestry-dependent communities, projects with a high degree of readiness, need and direct impacts, projects that are Indigenous-led or benefit Indigenous Peoples
  • Have operations in a physical location with employees
  • Be in a demonstrated viable financial position

Funding Process & Objectives

Program Funding Process:

  1.  Project Proposal
  2.  Detailed Application
  3.  Funding Decision

Program Objectives:

  • Invest in high-value, high-growth manufacturing sectors
  • Contribute to clean, inclusive growth, and economic resilience and diversification, particularly in regional and Indigenous communities
  • Support innovation and sustainability in the forestry value-added sector
  • Create and maintain long-term well-paying jobs
  • Help companies leverage other funding sources and bring investment into BC

Eligible Projects

  • Priority for entities that are Indigenous-led or businesses that have partnered with First Nations, projects creating ongoing business opportunity for Indigenous Peoples
  • Be located in BC
  • Contribute to long-term regional economic growth, sustainability, and/or diversification
  • Be financially viable and leverage market demand
  • Create, maintain, or diversify stable, well-playing job opportunities for local workers
  • Demonstrate alignment with program goals

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Why Ayming?

Our team of experts will take the time to understand your current and future planned projects. We will then align these initiatives to the program in order to provide you with the highest ROI and the highest chance of approval.

  • We have extensive experience working with Canadian SMEs and have the expertise to properly position and maximize your application to secure your business funding.
  • We are the first Canadian company to establish a national grants practice.
  • Our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) driven database of grants provides live access to thousands of programs, including a custom snapshot of all federal and provincial grants currently available to each company specifically.
  • Our highly experienced delivery teams boast over 50 + years of combined grants experience and over 200+ years of combined SR&ED experience, meaning you partner with true subject matter experts who are invested in your success.
  • No risk success-fee remuneration.

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