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November 6, 2023


Funding Alert: Emissions Reduction Alberta-Emerging Innovators Challenge

Through the $40 million Emerging Innovators Challenge, Emissions Reduction Alberta will support SMEs working on technology to reduce emissions in advancing their projects to market.


Through the $40 million Emerging Innovators Challenge, Emissions Reduction Alberta will support SMEs working on technology to reduce emissions in advancing their projects to market.

This program will take application until Thursday, December 14th, 2023.

Funding Amount

  • Maximum: $5 million, minimum: $250,000
  • ERA contribution must be matched 1:1 (i.e., totals no more than 50% of project expenses).


Alberta (technology solutions can originate from anywhere but must be piloted, demonstrated, or deployed in Alberta). Strong preference will be given to lead applicants based in Alberta.

Eligible Applicants

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) organizations employing less than 500 people, and Indigenous communities and/or organizations.
  • Large corporations, government labs, municipalities, post-secondary organizations, and commercialization accelerators are not eligible applicants but may be partners in projects.

Project Timeline

Projects must commence within 120 days of approval (with potential for delayed start date of up to 12 months) and end within 3 years from initiation, plus 1 year additional for operational time.

Program Objectives

Reducing barriers to commercialization for Alberta’s clean tech SMEs. Projects must demonstrate a clear and justified value proposition for reducing GHG emissions in Alberta and/or enabling a sustainable net-zero economy.

Eligible Projects

Innovation to the stages of field piloting, commercial demonstration, or first-of-kind commercial implementation, as described below:

  • Field Pilot: Technology or innovation is ready to be field-tested in an operational environment. Projects include scale-up of prototypes to representative pilot scale and subsequent in-field testing of pilot units.
  • Commercial Demonstration: Technology or innovation is approaching the final commercial product and representative systems have been built. Projects include the demonstration of near- or fully-commercial scale systems in an operational environment.
  • First-of-Kind Commercial Implementation: Technology is ready for first-of-kind commercial deployment. Projects involve the design, construction, and operation of the technology in its final commercial form, with the intent to operate the technology for its full commercial life.

Example technologies that ERA believes could align well with the Challenge include:

  • Digital solutions for logistics, agriculture, energy, and industry, including robotics, automation, and Artificial Intelligence /machine learning
  • Software-based solutions for managing energy and GHGs, provided they directly enable other emissions reduction technologies
  • Technologies to reduce waste (agricultural, plastic, food, etc.) and enhance recycling/value recovery
  • Advanced materials and manufacturing, including biomaterials and critical minerals
  • Novel low-emission buildings technologies
  • Precision agriculture and other novel practice-based solutions
  • Vented and fugitive methane abatement
  • Omics and other life-sciences-based solutions to reduce GHGs
  • Detection, measurement, and quantification of methane, N2O, and other GHGs from agriculture, oil & gas, and other sectors
  • Measurement and enhancement of nature-based carbon sequestration (soils, etc.)
    Ineligible Projects • Technologies aligned with concurrent ERA funding calls, including hydrogen (Accelerating Hydrogen Challenge) and zero-emission vehicle infrastructure (Reshaping Energy Systems).
  • Business-as-usual energy efficiency retrofits and audits
  • Technologies previously eligible for ERA’s Energy Savings for Business Program suite of funding

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