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Funding Alert: $90 millions for Ontario Skills Development Fund

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November 21, 2022
skill development fund

Ontario Skills Development Fund

The Skills Development Fund is investing $90M for innovative projects that address challenges to hiring, training, or retaining workers, including apprentices, to drive Ontario's economic growth.

The Skills Development Fund is investing $90M for innovative projects that address challenges to hiring, training, or retaining workers, including apprentices, to drive Ontario’s economic growth.

The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund is open now and accepting applications,  on a first-come-first-served basis, until January 31, 2023 ! This Program may fund all or part of the project costs for high-impact projects with a minimum value of $150,000+  .

Project Areas

Program Focus Areas:

  • Retention and capacity-building:
    •  Employer-led training for workers that are targeted to be laid-off
    • Experiential learning, work-integrated learning, job placements, and mentorship
  • Empower workers who face higher barriers of entry: youth, women, Indigenous peoples, racialized individuals, and persons with disabilities
    • Supports and tools to enhance accessibility and accommodation
    • Employment services and supports related to mental health
  • Partnerships for innovative solutions:
    • Align education, training, and skills development to enhance the talent development pipeline
    • R&D on new innovative approaches for support and training services

Key Employee Groups (*must be the primary project audience):

  • Workers at risk of job displacement: under skilled employees; individuals with an open work permit that are waiting for their permanent residence status to be finalized
  • Populations facing barriers to entry: women, youth, people with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, racialized groups

Eligible Expenses

  • Direct project costs: staffing costs for delivery, direct materials and consumables, program marketing and distribution, employability services and supports…
  • Administrative costs: capped at 15% of the project budget
  • Capital costs: new training equipment and digital platforms
  • Additional: cost of pre-screening candidates, PPE, development of training materials and resources, train-the-trainer resources, training or placement wage subsidies

Eligible Applicants

Includes skilled trades and manufacturing employers in Ontario that have been significantly impacted by labour shortages.
Partnerships are strongly encouraged

Funding Process

Applications must be submitted online via TPON.

Additional Detail

If approved, applicants will be required to:

  • Identify and report on significant project-related KPIs, including detailed participant information
  • Engage the services of a third-party auditor if they receive more than $150,000 in funding through the program. A portion of the auditor cost will be covered by the fund and must be included in the budget application


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